Desert Scorpions

The Desert Scorpion has one of the longest life spans of all scorpion species. They are between four and seven inches long. On average, they only weigh 0.18 ounces. Males and females are similar in appearance. They have excellent eyesight. They are tan to olive-green in color with a darker back and yellow pedipalps, legs, and tail. They have tiny erect hairs covering their whole bodies through which they detect vibrations in the air (sound) or ground. It is what allows them to track their prey.

​Desert Scorpions are nocturnal. They live in abandoned burrows, crevices, and small caves where they are protected from the daytime heat. They hibernate in winter. Caves are a favorite dwelling because the temperature is naturally balanced, and home to many prey species. In suburban environments, they seek out ornamental plants and irrigated lawns that attract beetles and other prey.

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