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Hepius is a trust-worthy, quality-oriented, and socially-responsible company that operates in various fields of public health services in Dubai; pest control services, cleaning, and other hygiene-related services.

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    Office No. 301, Business Gate, 45th St. Dubai, UAE

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      Office No. 301, Business Gate, 45th St. Dubai, UAE

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Pest control services deal with managing different animal species that can possibly pose danger / health risks to human health or safety; for example, pests can poison our food and transmit diseases.

      Hepius team of professionals help domestic and commercial property owners to control health damaging pests, such as mice, cockroaches, flies, and ants.

      In practice, the team usually starts with an inspection of the premise/place to determine the pests causing the problems and the best course of action needed to solve the problem, followed by an estimation of the costs associated and the time required to execute the work.

      Integrated pest management (IPM) is a science-based approach to control pests with the reduction of the environmental impact at its core. IPM consists of preventive control measures as well as long-term solutions. IPM deals with pests at their different lifecycles.

      Commonly, pests control uses Chemical, Biological, physical and Mechanical methods of treatment. Hepius, guided by the relevant government directives, prioritize Human Health, and ensures applying Human-Friendly methods.

      Hepius is a Municipality-Approved service provider that adheres to use of Human-&-Pets-Friendly products which are regulated by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in the UAE. In addition, Hepius team of certified professionals always exert the necessary care when using chemical pesticides and also recommend non-chemical treatment options including baits, exclusion by screening, caulking, and plastering techniques, etc.

      Pests are often misdiagnosed, and safety of pesticides is not something to take lightly; and as a result, the correct treatment is usually not performed. On the contrary, Hepius professionals are qualified and well-trained to accurately identify pests and their sources. Accordingly, the team of professionals apply the correct treatment and make necessary recommendations to control pests infestation.

      Results will vary depending on the type of pest present in your home or business, degree of infestation, treatment methods and products used. However, Hepius always aim at delivering efficient services for best results. Technically, our professionals will tell you what to expect as a result of the treatment planned for your particular problem.

      Hepius promises its clients not to compromise on the Safety, Efficiency, and Quality of service at all. Accordingly, our company representative will ensure giving clients a very competitive package that guarantees the best value for money.

      Hepius does charge a fee for cancelling or rescheduling the service time. However, we encourage customers to avoid doing so in less than 24 hours. Hepius appreciates customer’s understanding of the efforts done in preparation for a treatment visit.

      Hepius guarantees satisfying customer needs. Therefore, every customer that have availed a service can receive one free extra follow up service in case the problem persists within a reasonable time frame that would be mentioned in writing for customers attention.

      Although dirt creates an environment for pests to live in, presence of pests may not necessarily be because your home / office is dirty. Pests get in our homes/premises through gaps/holes, clothes/luggage, groceries, delivery boxes, pets’ food, etc.

      Regular treatment can prevent and stop these pests from accessing your home/ premise all the time. Hepius understands the necessity of regular treatment, therefore issues “Peace-of-Mind” Packages for both residential and commercial sectors.

      Feel free to reach out to us for a tailored “Peace-of-Mind” package for your house/ premise.

      Depending on the type of the problem, our professionals provide information on how to prepare. However, for most of general pests control treatments, customers are required to:

      – Empty the infested area; i.e., for Bedbugs:  customers need to remove all blankets, covers, sheets, pillows, etc. from the room and put them into plastic bags for the laundry.

      – Move furniture away from walls and leave a gap of at least a 20 inch.

      – Arrange access for our technicians to all the necessary unis of the house/ premise.

      –  Ensure that no people or pets are present during the treatment.

      –  Ensure to stay out of your home/ premise for a period of 4 hours after the treatment.

      –  Taking into account other specific recommendations by Hepius professionals before, during, and after the treatment.