Hepius is a trust-worthy, quality-oriented, and socially-responsible company that operates in various fields of public health services in Dubai; pest control services, cleaning, and other hygiene related services.

Hepius Promise


Being born in the ambitious city of Dubai, the company intends to offer the highest-class, healthy & environment-friendly, and sustainable solutions to its valuable clients.

Hepius Promise

Employees, Society, and the Environment

The company adopts a ‘fair-work’ culture intending to support an improved life-work balance for its employees care for local communities, and support the global cause for sustainable development.

Hepius Promise

Business Partners / Investors / Governments

Hepius intends to sustain authentic business relations with partners, suppliers, and regulatory bodies, a relationship that is focused on mutual success, trust, and respect for legal and ethical standards of business practice.