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Termite is an insect who lives in the dark and feed on wood and it belongs to the order Isoptera, and there most common termites are subterranean termite, dry wood termite, and damp wood termite all species feed on the cellulose found in the wood and make tunnels or galleries that eventually damage any wooden subjects.

Pre-Construction Treatment

Termite control occurs during the construction process in four main stages:

First Stage

spraying the bottom of the cleaning molding of the regular foundations. At this stage, the solution is sprayed under the cleaning molding on which the building foundations rest, before spreading the insulating plastic.

Second stage

Spraying between the excavation walls of the bridge columns and the foundations before pouring the sandy soil for the building surface

Third stage

Spraying the concrete floors of the building surface after laying the sandy soil to pour the concrete floors of the building surface.

Fourth stage

Spraying a longitudinal trench around the building, which is done longitudinally, parallel to the building’s wall on the outside, in order to protect the building from the outside.

Post-Construction Treatment

When existing buildings are infested with the termite, it is necessary to cut off the connection between the colony in the soil and the individuals in the buildings by making trenches in the soil around the foundations, as well as making holes from the inside that penetrate the concrete pours to reach the soil. Then, the pesticide solution is injected into it in standard quantities to ensure a continuous chemical barrier from the pesticide.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Dry Wood Termite

Dry Wood Termite

Damp Wood Termite

Damp Wood Termite

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